Voice Journey Sound Center presents

*Make the Way by Walking*

Voice Journeys with Stephanie Rooker



This recording is a collection of improvised music based on Voice Journey® practices & principles to inspire & guide you to free & empower your voice!

The journeys presented cover vast & diverse sonic territory — ranging from meditative to playful, gritty to poignant, intense to expansive. Join in the journeys by singing along, quietly soaking in the sweet sounds, or using them to accompany your meditation, bodywork, or yoga practice!

20 live-action voice journeys featuring: ArinMaya, Ben Tyree, Thomas Workman, Brothers of the {{GONG}}, Silvia Nakkach, Steve Gorn, & John Beaulieu, among many others!



Taste sonic samples from the album:

Singing Vowels
ArinMaya, Matt Silverstein, & Stephanie Rooker
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Stephanie Rooker & Thomas Workman
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Mikel’s Medicine
Seasoned Journeyers Ensemble
featuring Ashlynn Manning  
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Sweet Water
Eric Fraser, Matt Silverstein, & Stephanie Rooker
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Shades of Shadow, Weight of Waves
Erik Lawrence, John Beaulieu, Peter Wetzler, Silvia Nakkach, Stephanie Rooker, & Steve Gorn
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What Makes You Sing
ArinMaya, Matt Silverstein, & Stephanie Rooker
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MtWbW booklet cover

Each CD set & digital download includes “How we Got to Where we’re Going,” a comprehensive booklet with notes on the context of the project, outlines of the Voice Journey® principles at work in each track, as well as information about the amazing journeyers that stepped out on faith in their voices into the mystery of the journey!



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