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“Kept wanting to let you know about my experience after the first lesson. A series of intense events followed that afternoon and throughout the next two weeks and I have noticed such internal strength, presence, and calmness in facing them that I’ve never witnessed from myself before! And i KNOW that unfolded from the voice work we had done then (it had the same vibrational signature that I felt also during the lesson with you ;))) !! Our voices are so powerful and so underestimated !! I am in awe.”

– Valeriya K.




“I had the privilege of experiencing a one-day singing retreat with Stephanie that took my voice to a completely different level. Stephanie makes you feel not just safe, but also inspires you to sing out and let your voice do what it’s meant to do. Singing is a magical journey and Stephanie guides you through it in the best way possible. I have been very fortunate to know her!”

– Elaheh Farmand




“Thanks to Voice Journey Sound Center and the angel that is Stephanie Rooker I sing again! After years of disliking my voice, I’ve found a tone, a harmonic rhythm and a resonance. Recently, my sister even asked, “Wow, where did that voice come from!” So much healing has come through these activations and I am forever grateful. Infinite thanks.”

– Marisa G., artist, healer and consultant



“Throughout my life music has been one of the most important thing to me. I always liked singing, I was in choir for 6 years in school and I learned to play guitar and sing at age 14. I have always been very shy about my voice and I get very nervous and shaky when singing in front of people. But I still have a desire to share my voice and sound with others. I did not know what to expect at all going into this workshop. Stephanie was so welcoming and she provided a space where I felt comfortable and relaxed. She explained the voice and how it is an entity, how song and singing has been a major part of every culture for healing, celebration, community and spiritual exploration. The information she gave us made me look at the voice in a whole new light and I feel more confident now to share my voice with others.  I love the songs that we learned and how powerful the group was when singing in unison. The beauty of the group creating a foundation for individuals to soar and fly as they create their own unique sound was inspirational and very moving. I have never felt such positive joy and the whole experience was motivational and uplifting. Thank you so much for changing my perspective and inspiring me to use my voice the way that I want to, for personal healing and interpersonal connectedness.”

– Missy Costell




“In an individual lesson, Stephanie’s teaching is direct and accessible, and at the same time deep. She doesn’t impose technique from the outside; she draws tone from the inside. She’s not interested in an abstract ideal of the voice; in the moment it’s my voice we’re both looking for — and there it is. She’s a treasure.”

– Nancy-Laurel Pettersen



Ashlynn“It was Stephanie’s Community Voice Gathering and her introducing me to Yoga of the Voice (as developed by Silvia Nakkach / Vox Mundi School) that led me to a daily practice that has become integral to my life, as a singing, communicating, and listening person on the planet. Knowing that Stephanie is a resource I can consult with, and that her upcoming disc will exist as an example of the work that I can use and share, takes these powerful concepts from the theoretical to the tangible and the functional. THANK YOU!”

– Ashlynn Manning


“Just like the songs she sings, Stephanie’s teaching is wonderful marriage of light and soul. ☆  She helps our inner light and soul –spirituality– and human feelings get in touch with each other.  Stephanie knows & loves both fields (being divine light and being inside the human body) very well.  So, she can help us, in many aspects, to see the places where we stop ourselves from expressing freely.  If you love yourself and want to free your voice more, I strongly recommend Stephanie’s classes and coaching. Meeting her is a sign to walk your path with joy. ☆”

– Aco Takenaka



“I enjoyed the workshop.  It was a nice safe space to explore.  The funnest part for me was toward the end, when we played with call and response.  This gave me an opportunity to practice,  to step into something more fully, to explore my voice and its relationship to others.” 

– Rick Feltington



“I met Stephanie at Silvia Nakkach’s Vox Mundi Retreat in California. I was lucky she was my tutor for a few days. Creating a safe place for me, she helped me to explore my voice and go to places that are intimidating without a good guide. With simple exercises, I could work with her on voice improvisation and feel more confident. She also gave me easy tools to play with my voice at home. How fortunate those of us who can learn with Stephanie and play with our voices! Music is so alive in her that it’s contagious!”

– Cassandre Bochet


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