Read this aloud and listen.  Listen to your voice.  How does it sound?
Now, read this in a different voice.  Listen to (that version of) your voice.

Your voice is your constant companion.  It knows everything about you and, whether you know it or not, your voice tells others a lot about you – profoundly affecting the people around you.  It also vibrates throughout your body, affecting your physical, mental, emotional, and psychological states.  Your voice has the potential to teach you many things and bring you into new states of being – if you only learn how to listen to it.

Voice Journey® is a course of vocal study/practice that leads the voice, through strengthening vocal technique, into new sonic/musical territory and, simultaneously, allows the vocalist to be led by the voice into new realms of physical, emotional, intellectual, and metaphysical experience.  It is an exploration of who we are & who we can be, in how we identify & express ourselves with our voices.  Respectfully drawing on techniques from ancient indigenous traditions as well as contemporary methods, we can experience the profound healing & inspiring power of vocal vibration.  With continued practice, the concepts introduced open pathways for each participant’s unique “voice journey” to unfold.

Sound Center (aside from being the name of the physical space that this organization will one day inhabit) refers to the core of inner strength that is developed through the practice of sound healing. Sound is an innately intuitive means of building a powerful foundation for physical well-being, mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual awakening.  Learning to listen deeply and incisively expands perspective as well as perception, unlocking the whole self to awaken & connect to layers of vibration within and all around us.

It is your journey.  Your level of singing experience is no matter.  For more practiced singers, who have developed technical or creative hindrances, Voice Journey Sound Center (VJSC) offers opportunities to overcome these impediments and let your voices ring with more ease and creative freedom.  For those feeling that they “cannot sing,” we provide possibilities to open the way for your voice and liberate your musical expression beyond what you ever thought possible.  VJSC participants also frequently experience reduced stress levels, increased energy & mental clarity, greater confidence, strengthened mind-body awareness, and overall improved mood.

VJSC participants are people who want to free their voices; who are seeking tools for a powerful practice for themselves or to share with others through teaching, community or business leadership, health care professions, and other vocations; and who engage in or desire spiritual inquiry, self-discipline, and personal freedom.

The accessible tools offered by VJSC allow for the refinement of communication & leadership skills as well as for continued personal & collective growth.  VJSC’s approach aims for expanded awareness that engenders self-empowerment, trans-personal experiences, and cross-cultural understanding.

to present experiential opportunities that expand & explore the possibilities of leading & being led by the voice into new realms of:  self-expression, holistic well-being, and individual and collective consciousness.

to employ sound & music as means of bridging:  cultural gaps, creativity & healing, secular/ordinary & sacred/non-ordinary realities.

VJSC’s approach is inspired by many master teachers, musicians, and sound healers including:

Rhiannon – All the Way In
Silvia Nakkach – Vox Mundi Project
John Beaulieu – BioSonic Enterprises
Pat Moffitt Cook – Open Ear Center
Wendy Young – Princeton Sound School
Adenike Sharpley – Oberlin College
Don Campbell – “The Mozart Effect”
Louise Montello – Performance Wellness
David Hykes – Harmonic Presence
Ilana Martin – Vocal Workout School
Kate Geller – Sing for Yourself
AlySun Panichi
Rene Marie