Workshop Descriptions


Voice Journey® workshops emphasize new perspectives on vocal technique, explore different stylistic forms & approaches, and extend the spectrum of vocal expression. This content represents the core of the Voice Journey Sound Center curricula and serves to develop & refine a vocal practice for any musical path.


universoulSing…& Be Sung –
A Vocal Empowerment Experience

Sing…& Be Sung is a journey into deep listening, the body-heart-mind connection of the voice, and empowered expression through multicultural practices and experimental vocal sound. The essence of the Voice Journey® approach is based in a delicate balance of cultivating awareness of the instrument of the voice and surrendering to the flow of creativity that runs powerfully through us when we can truly “get out of the way.” Joining in with ancient echoes of sacred sounds and treading into the mysterious unknown of improvisation, we are led by our voices into the timeless and universal experience of vibration within and around us!


God is a Frequency that exists within YOUThe Art of Vocal Meditation – Connecting to Source in Sound

Vocal Meditation can take a number of different forms — chanting, toning, singing, improvising. This workshop introduces vocal techniques that are extremely efficient in inducing a meditative state. Perfect for musicians wanting to deepen their awareness around their work and/or people looking to develop a meditation practice or integrate sound into an existing personal practice. These techniques serve to prime the mind, awaken the body’s listening and deepen the journey within. *No meditation experience necessary.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Essence of Song Cultivating Mindful Composition & Authentic Performance

This workshop is a guided journey into the heart of composition and the soul of performance. It offers individualized coaching in song rendering, creative prompts for group song creation, embodied performance practices, as well as fundamental techniques for opening & strengthening the core sound of the voice. The Essence of Song can be offered as a single workshop or a series that culminates in a showcase for participants’ friends & family. *Recommended for people with some singing experience.
No performance experience necessary.


chaos still spirals


The Science of Improvisation Unraveling Mysteries of Spontaneous Music

Whether it be off-the-cuff public speaking or impromptu musical performance, improvisation is one of the most feared challenges for people. This workshop breaks down the fundamental aspects of the science of “making things up.” Using the framework of the scientific method (hypothesis – testing – analysis), we strike out into the unknown territory of musical improvisation, identifying prompts, tools, and techniques along the ways that guide us as we make the road by walking.



beautiful-sound-wavesVoice Journey® Groove Lounge Voice-Centered Jam Session for Creative Exploration

A true immersion in creativity, this offering is an opportunity to allow music itself be the teacher. With simple musical structures in place to allow for greater freedom and fearless exploration, voices soar, poetry flows, and the magic of collaboration yields unparalleled possibilities. VJ Groove Lounge is an in-the-moment integration of deep listening, refinement of skill, and creative surrender. Experience is the main ingredient of mastery!



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