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Voice Journey Sound Center founder Stephanie Rooker is a vocalist, composer, ethnomusicologist, voice teacher, and sound healing facilitator.  Performing since childhood, Stephanie has a background in Western Classical technique as well as Jazz, Blues, and Gospel vocal styles.  Since 2007, Stephanie has distinguished herself as a force of soul on the NY scene, releasing two albums of original music – Tellin You Right Now (2008) and The Only Way Out is In (2010).  Her latest recording project, Make the Way by Walking – Voice Journeys with Stephanie Rooker (2015), is a double-album of improvised music based on her Voice Journey® teachings, in collaboration with a host of master sound healing practitioners & musicians.

Grounded in over 16 years of vocal training, Stephanie’s Voice Journey® teachings integrate healthy voice technique with somatic awareness, deep listening, and fundamental principles of sound healing.  She incorporates methods derived from her studies with pioneers in the field of sound healing, including Silvia Nakkach, John Beaulieu, Louise Montello, Pat Moffitt Cook, David Hykes, and Don Campbell.  Stephanie earned a B.A. in Ethnomusicology from Oberlin College, under the advisement of Roderic Knight, with a special emphasis on the music of West Africa and the Diaspora – coursework that enabled her to spend four months in Ghana, recording traditional songs of the Ashanti, Dagomba and Ga tribes, and studying their music as a means of communal empowerment and cultural expression.  In 2011, she was certified as an Integrative Sound & Music Practitioner by the NY Open Center’s Sound & Music Institute, under the direction of Don Campbell.  In 2014, Stephanie completed a 200-hour certification in Yoga of the Voice, developed by Silvia Nakkach/Vox Mundi Project.  And in 2016, she completed Rhiannon’s 9-month mastery-level vocal improvisation program, All the Way In.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Stephanie currently performs with guitarist Ben Tyree, the Riverside Church Inspirational Choir, among other ensembles.  She works with organizations including Community Healthcare Network, Crossing Point Arts, and Sage Academy of Sound Energy to share therapeutic aspects of sound and the healing capacity of the voice with the communities they serve.  After working as assistant coordinator of the NY Open Center’s Sound & Music Institute from 2011-2015 under the direction of Wendy Young, Stephanie has reunited with Wendy to develop & co-teach a 10-month, 270-hour Therapeutic Sound Practitioner Training for the International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA), based in Atlanta, GA.  She also offers public workshops, community retreats, private voice gatherings, sound healing sessions, as well as voice lessons in New York & beyond.

Stephanie employs a distinctive grasp of cross-cultural archetypes, deep & embodied listening, and mindful facilitation to convey the vast possibilities of expanding consciousness as well as promoting healing & empowerment through the voice.  Her teaching is effective for people of all backgrounds & singing experience levels and is especially helpful in freeing the voice from the constraints of past trauma, inhibition, and fear, in addition to offering the stress & pain relieving benefits of sound healing and meditation.



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