PROGRAM: Crossing Point Arts

September 29, 2018 all-day
Columbia Health Center
New York

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Where Safety Dwells: An Inner Return

Crossing Point Arts is the only professional arts organization in the country solely dedicated to providing arts-based workshops exclusively for survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence. Our workshops are designed to facilitate personal healing, as well as creative and spiritual growth. Offering practical tools and techniques for adjusting to life on the other side of trauma, the power of the arts is harnessed not just for self- expression, but literally to help bring people back to a sense of internal wholeness, vibrancy and vitality.

The destructive forces of intimate intrusion and sexual violence can create a frozen state, filled with fear, rage, chaos, anguish, and disconnection from self. Countering this reactive state is an active undertaking which is deepened by purposefully restorative creativity. By identifying and locating the center of the self – the dimension that is unharmed and unscathed – creative and expressive work holds the power to start a process of personal reclaiming of oneʼs deepest levels of being.

Creativity is one of the most time-honored and effective means to evoking oneʼs essence, where the seeds of healing reside. Focussing on the understanding that we each posses the capacity to generate well-being, the arc of our workshops tap into participants intrinsic ability to locate their ʻstill pointʼ through guided creative work.

Using trauma-informed and safe-space creative expression – through traditional/folkloric dance, song, visual arts, authorship, and visual imagery – workshop participants need only to show up, and require no prior experience in any art form.

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*As a program commissioned by Columbia Health Center (via Crossing Point Arts),
this workshop is open only to members of the Columbia Health – Sexual Violence Response.

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